Loudoun Fairfax Mother's of Multiples Club

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President Kristen C.
Vice President Farrah M.
Advisor Christine G.
Treasurer Farrah M.
Secretary Dina S.
Parliamentarian Selena B.
Prospective Member Coordinator OPEN
Meals Coordinator Martha M.
New Moms Coordinator OPEN
National Representative OPEN
Mid-Atlantic Representatives Sarah H.
Leslie G.
Ginger A.
Member-at-Large OPEN
Member Events OPEN
Programs OPEN
Outreach Virginia S.
Silver Linings Virginia S.
Ways and Means OPEN
Consignment Sale Coordinator Cheryl C.
Newsletter Editor OPEN
Webmaster OPEN

Mission Statement

We are here to broaden the understanding of those aspects of child development and rearing which relate especially to multiple birth children and their families. Through the interchange of information between parents, informed individuals, & others having interest and appropriate experience and through various social activities, the LFMOMC will endeavour to help parents with their problems for a happier relationship with their children by club association with other parents with similar experiences.


LFMOMC tries to help families of multiples as well as the local community by...

- Contributing to the MAPOM Scholarship Fund
- Adopting a family in need at Christmas
- Supporting families of multiples in need
- Allowing members to volunteer to make meals for other members of newborns
- Making charitable donations to various organizations in the community, such as the Loudoun Department of Family Services, Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, Fairfax OB/GYN Clinic, Good Shepherd Homeless Alliance, Loudoun Women’s Shelter, March of Dimes, and others.


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Questions? Please email info@lfmomc.com

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